Crown Dental Laboratory of Lakeland, Inc.

Removables Department

Acrylic Dentures

    Our Removeables Department is expert at custom fitting and designing dentures that are of the highest quality and fit.


    We offer heat cured Lucitone 199 resin, as well as Ivocap injection processing, for all of our acrylic partials and full dentures. We also offer a wide variety of denture teeth to choose from to assure the best feel, function and esthetics possible.


    We are also pleased to offer alternative materials for your restoration needs, such as, Valplast for flexible partials or Duracetal, a thermoplastic material ideal for single tooth flippers, partial frames and other esthetic applications.

Partial Frames

    Our Partial Metal Frames are designed for maximum strength and fit. Our design allows for easier clasp adjustments and more comfort without tissue irritation. The metal framework is manufactured to our specifications right here in Florida and then returned to our lab for all finish work.


Please contact us for more information by email at: or by phone at: (800) 680-8608 and ask for Mike Stafford or Rick White, CDT.