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Crown and Bridge Department

The Genesis Line
The Genesis 360 crown is a full contour monolithic zirconia solution that is especially well suited for the posterior crown restoration on your patients with heavy bruxing or where porcelain is not a viable solution and cast gold is too expensive. The Genesis 360 has a rating of 1400MPa.
The Genesis 720 crown is the latest inovation from Crown Dental Laboratory. This full contour zirconia crown is perfect for those restorations in the esthetic zone. The Genesis 720 combines the strength of solid zirconia with the esthetics of porcelain. We mill these crowns in our lab and custom shade them before they are sintered giving them deep pentrating color with translucency that rivals porcelain. All of this at an amazing price! Contact us to learn how you can provide this for your patients today.
The Genesis PFZ is the top of the line crown restoration utilizing the strength of a solid zirconia coping artistically finished with porcelain by our own porcelain CDT. Let us show you what we can do for your patients and your reputation.

Custom Abutments.......yes, I said Custom Abutments, not modified Stock Abutments. Crown Dental Laboratory has three different CAD/CAM systems in our facility giving us maximum flexibility when it comes to designing your restorations. We can provide you with custom abutments in zirconia or titanium...your choice.


Contact us today to learn about our "package deals" on custom abutments and crowns.

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