Crown Dental Laboratory of Lakeland


Mike & Linda Howard, Owners


Crown Dental Laboratory of Lakeland has been committed to providing the highest standard of quality for our restorative and esthetic dental customers in the Central Florida area since 1978. We are dedicated to continuing this high level of quality and innovation..

Our success over the past 30+ years can be attributed directly to the quality of our work coupled with the absolute commitment to personalized service and professionalism by our dedicated staff.

Crown Dental Laboratory of Lakeland is a full- service dental lab driven by a "customer first" philosophy. With years of experience and success in the dental industry, our lab technicians are sure to satisfy each of your patients needs.

Our staff consists of 14 dental technicians and a customer support team of 8 individuals all committed to your success and satisfaction. All of our work is performed within our lab using only the highest quality materials.