Crown Dental Laboratory has gone mobile!

Crown Dental Laboratory launched our MDU (Mobile Dental Unit) in October of this year! This Mobile Dental Unit is specially equipped to perform the immediate loading of provisional implant supported  screw retained hybrids the day of surgery.

Crown Dental Laboratory will bring our MDU right to yor office the day of surgery and provide an implant supported screw retained hybrid provisional denture that can be delivered to your patient the day the implants are placed! 

"Our increased volume of these type of "immediate load" cases, coupled with our desire to allow our doctor's to deliver the provisional screw retained hybrid the day of surgery anywhere in the state of Florida, prompted us to invest in this innovative solution. We send out our MDU with a Certifed Dental Technician to the dentist's office and do all of our work right on the premises", said Mike Stafford, Sales and Marketing Director for Crown Dental Laboratory.



To find out more about how you can take advantage of this unique service for your patients contact us at (800)680-8608.